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Aerification Special

On Tuesday, August 25th, we will be performing our necessary course maintenance. Save on golf with some great rates for all tee times Wednesday, August 26 thru Thursday, September 3. Monday – Thursday: $39 | Friday – Sunday: $45 Book online for special savings! Why we Aerify? Aerification is the mechanical process of creating air […]

What’s the secret to golf?

Hall of Fame instructor Butch Harmon says this is the secret to golf Butch Harmon is one of the most revered golf coaches on the planet — ever, really. The World Golf Teacher’s Hall of Fame member is an inspiration for golf instructors everywhere, and has helped thousands of golfers over the course of his storied […]

Great Gifts for DAD at Shaker Run

FATHER’S DAY SAVINGS FROM SHAKER RUN Give DAD the gift of golf at Shaker Run this Father’s Day! · TEE IT UP TODAY · Schedule your tee time today! Shop for DAD in our Fully Stocked Pro Shop DAD WOULD LOVE THESE… Glassware • New Golf Shoes • Golf Balls • and much more! Specials throughout […]

Who would you choose?

Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Charles Barkley and all the other big names we would want to see tee it up with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have always made it clear this new partnership in made-for-TV matches would not be a one-time thing. On Sunday, they gave us the second installment, adding Tom Brady and Peyton […]

Better Chips are on the way!

Better Chips Through Quiet Hands Occasionally, newer and seasoned golfers alike get nervous over the ball when faced with a tough lie, forced carry or tight pin. But if your knees are knocking over every short shot, this tip is for you and better chips are on the way. Next time you miss a green, […]

Which golf ball best fits your game?

The Great Golf Ball Search How To Find The Best Ball For Your Game With so many brands of golf ball overloading the marketplace, it’s difficult if not confusing to figure out which one best fits your golf game. Here’s a sensible game plan to help you logically conduct and conquer The Great Golf Ball […]

Would it have been a repeat for WOODS this weekend?

There is no Masters this week, but had it been played at Augusta National, Tiger Woods says he would have been there in good health and ready to go. Woods, who has not competed since Feb. 16 at the Genesis Invitational and missed at least two tournaments he would have normally played, told endorser GolfTV that he […]